Stimulated by the interaction with Industry at large, the following research activities have been developed within the Centre:
  • systems with spatio-temporal structure with particular attention to indentification of structures: 
  • shapes,geometries and patterns, etc. 
  • methods for the identification and validation of mathematical models 
  • industrial quality control 
  • non-linear prediction models 
  • mathematics of phase transitions 
  • cryptographic applications of arithmetics 
  • mathematical models in biomedicine 
  • mathematical models in material sciences 

Fundamental and strategic research 

Space-time structured stochastic systems
Co-ordinator: V. Capasso
  • Stochastic systems of interacting particles V. Capasso, D. Morale, C. Salani 
  • Systems with stochastic geometry  V. Capasso, A. Micheletti 
  • Shape analysis  A. Micheletti 
  • Spatial statistics A. Micheletti 
  • Self-organisation phenomena V. Capasso, D. Morale 
  • Pattern formation in medicine D. Morale 
  • Statistics for biomedicine G. Aletti 
  • Neurosciences G. Naldi 
Mathematics and statistics for Material Sciences
  • Polymers V. Capasso 
  • Optical bers and phototonic crystals G. Naldi 
  • Non-linear materials in structural mechanics G. Naldi 
  • Granular materials G. Naldi 
  • Determination of the conductivity in thermal materials with spatial symmetries A. Lorenzi 
Numerical methods for partial differential equations
Coordinator: G. Naldi
  • Reaction-diffusion equations G. Naldi 
  • Wavelets and multiscale methods G. Naldi 
Coding and Cryptografy
Coordinator: O. Rizzo
  • Cryptographic applications of arithmetics O. G. Rizzo

Participation to Research Networks 

MIRIAM has been an active node of
  • ECMI - The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry 
  • ESMTB - The European Society for Mathetmatical and Theoretical Biology 
  • CIMAB - Consorzio Italiano per la Matematica, l'Ambiente e la Biologia 
  • EU-RTN: Modelling and computer sciences in the simulation of tumor growth and therapies (2004-2006) 
  • UE-NoE: MACSI-net (2001-2004) 
  • CNR: Mathematical methods and models in the study of biological phenomena (2000-2001) 
  • CNR-Agenzia 2000: Optimization problems in di usion models with applications to Material Sciences and the environment 
  • EU-RTN: Using mathematical modelling and computer simulation to improve cancer therapy (1999-2003) 
  • UE-TMR DEIC (1999-2002)